How I help you

Maybe you’re interested in understanding how people could discover and explore their collective intelligence. Or perhaps your focus lies more in people’s ability to organise themselves collaboratively and assume responsibility together. These are exactly the types of areas I provide support in. Bottom line, my aim is to empower you to raise transparency and the shared knowledge – or wisdom – of your organisation.


This is an approach to organisational structures that uses double linking to connect ‘nested circles’. This results in intensive control processes, allowing everybody to shape the quality of decision-making. It also establishes an intelligent framework that can be dovetailed with existing hierarchies based on active participation. Alternatively, it can enhance the efficiency of grass-roots organisations.

Organisational development

The areas I’m most involved in and motivated by in this field have a bearing on participative management:

  • Learning in organisations: how to raise the impact of collective intelligence
  • Communication: how to engage in successful and sincere communication and appreciate others
  • Sense and meaning: what people need in organisations for their work to have meaning
  • Organisational culture: which kinds of structures support a culture of transparency, efficiency and creativity


Focus and energy – for managers, teams, companies and organisations

  • With coaching and supervision, my main emphasis lies in career aspects. The key aim is to leverage personal strengths, abilities, skills and life experiences in order to shape people’s careers more effectively and thus boost personal satisfaction. With some, this helps them to move in a different direction in their careers.
  • Through concise and impactful interventions, I help you make the very most of your potential.

The art of hosting

This is a method that’s used to empower groups of people to ‘make things happen’ and work out effective solutions, thus paving the way for collective intelligence, collaboration and self-organisation.